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As a direct primary care provider, we focus on you and your health without the influence of unnecessary third party restrictions. We see far fewer patients than a traditional insurance-based practice so we can provide you the best care possible.

Our patients have full access to care without barriers. Benefits of DPC include more time with your doctor, ease of access, no co-pays, and extended office visits. We provide physicals, pediatric care, wellness education, chronic disease management, simple procedures, and much more. Check out our full description of benefits here.

Meet the Doctor

Michael Hilts, M.D.

Family, Sports, and Functional Medicine

I have been in practice since 1999. For most of my career I have been in Greensboro with Piedmont Orthopedics (now Cone OrthoCare), doing non-surgical sports medicine and family medicine. But in 2014 God called me and my family to Texas, where we lived for five years. While in Texas, some personal family health problems led me to discover the field of functional medicine, which aims to find the root cause of an illness rather than just treating symptoms. I took courses in functional medicine every chance I had, with the intention of applying my knowledge to the benefit of as many patients as possible. My dilemma was that traditional functional medicine practitioners offer visits which are very in-depth and take much more time than a traditional practice can accommodate, and are also expensive since they typically don't contract with insurance companies. So for several years I tried to incorporate aspects of functional medicine into a busy insurance-based practice, but with variable success due to time constraints. Becoming more and more frustrated with the broken health care system and its many inefficiencies, I was thrilled to learn about the movement called direct primary care (DPC). The DPC model allows the doctor to maintain a much smaller panel of patients while providing substantial benefits to those patients. Not only will DPC free my patients from poor care, limited time with the doctor, limited access to care, inflated costs, and lack of privacy, but it will also free me from a rushed schedule, meaningless data entry, and dictates from insurance companies.

While praying for guidance regarding my career in 2021, I was led to read Bible passages in Jeremiah and Nehemiah. It became very clear to me that God is leading me out of captivity (insurance-based corporate medicine) and into freedom (cash-based membership model of private practice), and is doing it through the vehicle of DPC. Health care is broken and needs repair, as were the temple and city wall of Jerusalem in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah. I firmly believe that God is calling me to do my small part in rebuilding the broken health care system by starting a DPC practice. Although it will be a challenge, I take comfort knowing that "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." (Philippians 4:13)

I am board-certified in both family medicine and primary care sports medicine, and have extensive training in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine. I was the first person in North Carolina to be credentialed by the ARDMS in musculoskeletal ultrasound in 2012, and have done thousands of diagnostic ultrasounds and ultrasound-guided injections. I have an interest in regenerative musculoskeletal medicine including prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and daughters; hiking and other outdoor activities; coffee roasting; and Bible study.

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